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Add me to the list..

Hello ladies!

I got a BFP this morning! This lil bean will make #4 for my hubby and I. This was a surprise, but we're excited!
I look forward to getting to know you all, and HH9M!

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Yay!!! Yahoo


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Congrats! If I get pregnant this cycle it will be #4 for us as well.

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Hello! I figured I should stop in and say hi to you over here. I'll know for sure today if I'm joining you (11 days let, so I figure if I'm not something is very wrong with me. I've been more than a day late twice: Tori and Lucas).

I didn't realize our Boos were your last baby, too. I thought you'd had another since then. Why did I think that? So we are in the exact same boat with being very past the baby phase. Eek! Glad we have each other!

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