Am I odd?

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Am I odd?

I really want a girl this time around, but I am so tempted to go team green. Not because I don't want to know, but because I don't want people to give me a bunch of pink stuff. I already have one tom-boy princess wanna-be, and it drives me crazy. She wants to wear pink frilly stuff all the time, but wears a hole in it the first time she wears it. I'm just not a fan of pink. Am I crazy? Come on, you can be honest with me. Wink

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You are not crazy at all!

Actually I prefer pink on boys then girls, but I will admit that the girl stuff is super cute compared to boys. I have no intention of having a pink blast (actually the baby will use DS's bedding and everything)

I usually like things pretty neutral and alot of DS's baby clothese will work for the baby. Now I probably won't put her in some of the stuff, like the brown things people bought us because I HATE the color brown, but I bet you I'll put her in the little baseball pjs. Smile

I think it is sweet of people to give gifts, but if you really don't like it just return it for something else and use the excuse I did "I love it, but we already had so much in that size", but I think I was asked once anyhow. lol!

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Not odd at all:) I LOVE team green, but I can also completely understand avoiding pink gifts! With my daughters, I was always looking for cute black and white girls' clothes!

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I think we are probably going to find out just because we have limited space and need to figure out where to put everyone. If it is a girl, we need to move Cherish to the bigger room to stay with the baby and move Isaiah to the smaller room. If it is a boy, I'm not sure where we will put him.

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I don't think thats odd. You could just tell everyone you don't know the sex even if you do find out, then they can't buy one way or the other Smile

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Not odd. We all have things we'd rather not be given for our babies, I think.

I don't mind pink. I have a super girly-girl and we have a lot of pink ( although yellow is her favorite).

What I'm scared of is those stupid giant hair bows all the crafty moms sell on Etsy. No offense if you are into those things but I think they are horrid and some of my friends put bows bigger than the baby's head on them. I think that is just mean. And I just know we will end up with some of those things once people find out it's a girl!

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Not odd at all. I like Tara's idea of maybe telling you don't know the gender, even if you do. Or just tell the gender but say you don't want alot of pink. If we have a girl, she will also wear DS's baseball, tractor stuff. Just because it's a girl doesn't mean she won't like to get dirty and play hard.

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I don't think you're odd either. I am not a fan of pink at all. With my daughter we got a ton of it--probably even more since everyone knows I am not a fan. So, we just ended up buying stuff of different colors to even it out. I was at Kohls a few weekends ago and had some Kohls cash burning a hole in my pocket. I just wanted to buy something for the baby, but we don't know the gender yet. I didn't know it would be so tough to find something gender neutral! I didn't see a green or yellow onesie set in the place! I gave up and gave the reins to my 2 year old daughter to pick out anything she wanted for the baby. She ended up picking out a monkey sleeper, monkey blue/orange onesie, and brown monkey-toed pants. Definitely cute, but definitely more "boyish" which is fine.

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No, not odd at all. When we had our shower for DS, I couldn't look at anymore blue. We had blue coming out of our ears.

Are you having a shower? Could you make a note on your invite that you have plenty of clothes? Gift cards and diapers are preferred?

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I'm just jealous people still get you things for the baby before its born Smile I think I got like three things with my DS and he was only my 2nd! After he was born was a different story but then the cats out of the bag anyway.

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"akpufa" wrote:

I'm just jealous people still get you things for the baby before its born Smile I think I got like three things with my DS and he was only my 2nd! After he was born was a different story but then the cats out of the bag anyway.

I don't know if we will have a shower, but I hope so. We have nothing left other than our crib (no mattress), a swing and a sling. We have bought a few clothes here and there that were on clearance.

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:lurk: We found out with our first, but didn't tell anyone. Therefore we got more gender neutral stuff, but we were able to plan ahead.