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Anyone else having really bad anxiety? Mine has been really high today. What do you do to help your anxiety if you have it. Looking for ideas. Relaxation does not work for me.:confused:

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i don't have it really bad, but it comes and goes. I think I just worry and think about thinks way too much and it makes me anxious. Listening to music helps, or singing really loud (and bad!) or just writing my thoughts out. I also feel really amazing after getting a massage.

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Hot showers sometimes help me.

Ive been having panic attacks lately and it's frustrating. I start thinking about starting over with a baby and I think about finances (which are fine right now with two kids but I keep questioning how #3 will fit in when he/she wants to play twelve sports like these two!), I'm so stressed about telling my brother, who is getting married in August and might be upset that we can't stay a whole week before the wedding like I promised. I get stressed about my Inlaws being upset because they are mighty big fans of "one boy, one girl, one perfect family". And then suddenly I can't breathe!

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I am anxious over the baby as well. Some of my concerns include telling my family, and what they will think about 3 children instead of two. Finding a new MW or DR because my old one that I love doesn't deliver babies anymore because the hospital that she works at closed their birthing center. How will the third child fit into a family that is already adjusted? Three is an uneven number, and the age gap is much bigger than before. Starting over, and having someone completely dependent on my husband and I again. Making nursing and pumping work a third time while working full time. I worry when I'm nauseous because I am afraid it will turn into puking, but I worry when I'm not because then I wonder if the baby is ok.

Basically the list goes on and on! So yes, anxiety must be completely normal or we wouldn't all feel this way. To deal with it I try to relax and thing of all of the positive things about pregnancy and a new baby.

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Anxiety or not, it's good to see you over here. Smile I really hope you get the hospital situation worked out. I know it's super stressful.

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I have bad anxiety naturally, but it is usually over very big, not realistic things. I have anxiety about horrific accidents and the sort. Somehow concentrating on the little details seems to help me not let my imagination run wild.