Anyone with Thyroid Issues?

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Anyone with Thyroid Issues?

I have Hashimoto thyroid issues and am on synthroid. My endocrinologist is monitoring me closely because the baby doesn't have a thyroid until 3 months.

Just got my labs back and my levels are elevated ;( but what suprised me is that they don't want to adjust my dosage.

Anyone else have gone through a pregnancy on thyroid medicine? Synthroid is on the list of approved medications, but I was curious.

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I have Graves Disease, but they killed my thyroid a year or so ago, so I'm completely reliant on levothyroxine. I've been instructed to call my endocrinologist as soon as I know I'm pregnant for an upped dosage. She likes my level to be right at 1.00.

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I'm on a compound that the pharmacy makes me. I have an appointment in three weeks to get my levels adjusted. I was told if you are hypo, they bump you way up because its better to be borderline hyper during pregnancy. We will see what happens! I was diagnosed three years ago, after I had my kids so no experience during pregnancy.

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I have a thyroid nodule. I had a biopsy, which came back negative. My levels have been acceptable in the past, so no medications for me yet. However, I was due for a re-check about 4 months ago, but a month and half ago I moved to Az. So now I have no doctor, and we are moving from north az to Phoenix in a lil over 2 weeks. No point in getting a doc til we get settled down there. I was diagnosed 2 years ago so I haven't dealt with this in pregnancy. I'm hoping that nothing will change......same thoughts for you ladies as well.