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Appt. update

Hi Ladies sorry so slow to post this. I had my appointment on Monday and it was good as usual. The wait was long. Baby boy heartbeat is at 146, measuring ahead again and ultrasound results are good. It is that time to do that yucky GD test and get blood work for my RH - and get my Whinrho shot. I go see my doctor again in two weeks. Already?? wow time is flying by. How are you ladies been? This board is too quiet hope to see more posts.

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It's amazing how fast the time seems to be going now, isn't it? I'm glad your baby is doing well.

I am measuring right on the date. I refuse to do the GD test with the drink. I tend to run hypoglycemic, so the last one I did, my blood sugar went down to 41, and I almost passed out. Not going to do that to myself or my baby again. If it were up to me, I wouldn't do any, but my m/w wants me to at least do the meal, so I am going to do the meal (same number of carbs as the drink, but not pure sugar). I did the meal earlier in the pregnancy, and it worked out well. My sugar was still low, but not bottomed out.

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time is coming up so quickly!!!!!

I'm getting excited to see/meet my boys Smile