BFN again I'm out...

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BFN again I'm out...

Soo another cycle bites the dust. I had a lot of hope that the clomid would do it for me this cycle but nope. I will not be due till August 4th if i get pg this cycle. But I'll hang here if no one's moving over yet.

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Did AF come or?

So sorry Sad 8/4 is definitely a straddler EDD!

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No she's not here yet but I think she will be soon. I think my symptoms are all clomid related and bc my progesterone was so high. My temp dipped today tho so I think the prog. Is going down and AF is coming. I would def be testing positive today if the symptoms were pg related I've had them for 5 days now.

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Darn it!! I'm sorry.

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Awww..I hate that! Sad But it isn't over until she shows!

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Hugs girl. Like the others said, not out til AF shows, and if that's the case stick around, the 4th is definitely borderline!

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:lurk: Hang in there, sweetie... xoxox Is this your first month of Clomid EVER? It may take a cycle or two to get used to how your body reacts.. :bigarmhug:

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Yes Adriana it is my first time ever. I'm sure that is true my body is just reeling from the effects. I just want to be preggo right now tho! I'm running out of patience and that's not gonna do me any favors lol since I have no one to be mad at but my own body!

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So sorry Sad I know how disappointing a bust clomid cycle is. Your temps are still above the coverline, I guess there could be a chance still? Did you test today?

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I'm on my first round of clomid too. Like the others said until AF shows it isn't over. Smile

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I am so sorry, Tiffany. I also know how frustrating Clomid can be. I really hope you get that BFP very, very soon!

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Well the etch rode in on her broom today. On to the next cycle and hopefully getting pg then!

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Sorry Tiff. Sad Good luck this cycle!

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Sorry Tiffiany! I really hope you get your BFP soon.