Big u/s?

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Big u/s?

Do you have your big u/s scheduled? If so, when? And are you going to find out the gender? Are you hoping for a boy or a girl? Do you have a strong intuition about your baby's gender?

We have ours scheduled for February 22. We haven't decided if we are going to find out the gender, but we are pretty sure that we will. We are both hoping for a girl, but will of course be happy with either gender. We both have a strong feeling that this is a girl, too.

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I have scheduled my U/S for March 11th. I think we will keep it a surprise unless we have a clear shot of what it is and ask to confirm it. We are hoping for a boy but a girl would be fine too as long it is healthy. We are already calling it a boy.

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We are scheduled for feb 6th!!! In 2 DAYS!! Yahoo

Yes, I will be finding out. I am honestly not sure. I would love to have a little girl, but I think a brother would be really special for DS to have (although he says he wants a baby sister because he like girls) It's too funny!

We'll find out in less than 48 hours.

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I just scheduled my ultrasound appointment for 2/28. The ultrasound place said I could go as early as 2/19 which was really tempting, but I used my willpower to heed the advice of my OB to wait. She said I was still smaller so to make sure everything that they would want to see is formed, is to wait until 18-20 weeks, closer to 20. I am so excited, but it seems so far away!

Oh--and we will definitely find out--as long as the baby cooperates that is! I think it helps me to prepare. If it's a girl I can wash all the clothes we have and if it's a boy I can go through everything to see what is gender neutral and start stocking up on clothes when there are sales.

The OB said today, oh if you believe in the myths you're having a girl since the heartbeat was 155. I just keep thinking of this baby as a boy though, so we'll see!

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i have my 16 week appt on thursday so she might give me my requisition then, or she might wait until i am 20 weeks. Either way it is not scheduled, but probably won't be until the end of the month/early March. We are definitely finding out, i am a planner and need to know Smile Either one is fine, I would like a girl, but a brother for DS would be awesome as well. I think it is a boy, i keep referring to him as a he.

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They scheduled mine right away at my initial visit way back before thanksgiving. I thought that was weird! But it's next week, the 15th.

I had that unexpected u/s last week so we are pretty sure it's a girl. We got a nice, very long look and did not see anything that looked like boy parts. But my doctor said not to buy any pink until next week, just in case!

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We have our gender u/s on Friday! With two boys already I'm expecting it to be a boy lol! Although, my nub shot on my 12 week scan looks like girl and I've had lots of nausea this time which I've never had with the boys so maybe a girl!

Then I'll have my 21 week anomaly scan on 21st March Smile

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My ultrasound is scheduled for March 4th. We're not finding out the gender... We didn't with either of our other children and although it's tempting to find out this time I like the surprise at the end. I'm thinking it's a girl. My 4yo dd had been praying for a baby sister and she says she thinks it's a girl. She also keeps talking about 2 babies - which is making me a little nervous. IF there's 2 I want to find out genders...there'd be plenty of extra excitement on delivery day without that being a surprise too.

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we found out today we are having identical twin BOYS!!!!!

and they were not shy about showing the goods either Smile

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we found out today we are having identical twin BOYS!!!!!

and they were not shy about showing the goods either Smile

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im finding out next Thursday

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We find out Monday the 11th. Yes, we will be finding out the gender. We both feel it is a girl, but will be happy with a healthy baby, no matter the sex.