Breast pain--only one side?

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Breast pain--only one side?

I have pretty severe pain in my right breast. At first I thought it was a bruise because my five year old crawled into my bed halfway through the night and I figured he elbowed me. But it's been three weeks and it's not getting better. It's a shooting pain and it's pretty intense when it happens. My other one is a normal amount of tender for this point in the game.

Is this normal? It sure doesn't feel normal!

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I get that from time to time, but not constant. It is probably hormones, but wouldn't hurt to call the dr.

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I get that sometimes too. Did you breastfeed? I get a lot more weird pains after having breastfed my 2nd. It was like my boobs never returned to normal and sometimes it feels like I have a clogged duct and I haven't breastfed for 3 years. I asked the Dr about it and was told it was normal. I even had a mammogram and they said lumps I thought I felt were lymph nodes. But I would ask your DR and ask for a diagnostic mammo/US if needed. I worked at a radiology facility so it was easy for me, but it is covered as preventive through most insurance companies.