Brown spotting??? Tmi

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Brown spotting??? Tmi

I just saw some brown spotting when I wiped, nothing on panties. DH and I DTD yesterday, but I'm still concerned because I had nothing with DS.

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I know how worrying spotting can be in pregnancy, however try not to stress over it too much. I bled with both my pregnancies and have 2 healthy boys! My sister is currently 11 weeks and she has had on off spotting, a few days ago after dtd too and all is fine with her. my friend is 8 weeks and she had been bleeding too, but again all is ok. I think it is more common than we realise
Can you get an early reassurance scan?
You probably irritated your cervix when dtd. Hope this puts your mind at ease Smile

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Im sure u r right. I don't have any cramping either. I guess I just get nervous because other than being tired, I don't have any preggo symptoms, but it is still really early.

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I used to get spotting after DTD as well!

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i've had brown... stuff.. my entire pregnancy. I've been checked multiple times by my OB - ultrasound and all and everything is fine.

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Had same problem today. Brownish blood that turned red. Wasn't a lot but still went to the er. Everything is fine though.

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Star I'm so glad to here everything is fine!!!

My doctor told him not to worry. I haven't had any since that day either. Thank god

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I've had very light brown spotting for a week. Looks like it is finally all clear today. WooHoo. From reading, I saw that it is not that uncommon. Some women have some blood at the time their period is each month, others just have random bleeding. Glad yours went away.