Btdt help... Birthday!!

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Btdt help... Birthday!!

So I hate getting those cheap goodie bags with stuff I won't let my kid play with (he's 3).... So I was thinking for my ds's birthday we would give books and a balloon. There will be around 35 kids (most in the 3-4 range a few younger and a few older- oldest is 8). I know they got books for halloween from one parent in school and all the kids seemed to be super excited. What would your reaction be and what "series" would you want to see? Oh and a pretty equal mix of girls and boys.

Eta: the theme is Legos

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Replied to u n June, but just wanted to say hi Wink

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For my daughter's birthday we did trophies. I made a big fuss and did an "awards ceremony" and gave each kid a trophy for something different. The trophies were $1 each at the party store. The kids loved it. I got really good feedback from the parents. The kids were a bit older though, in the 4 to 8 range.

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Books are a great idea! Not sure what to suggest on which books though... Maybe Curious George? I think there's a series of 'new' George stories. Or Clifford? But then - I don't know the latest kids' things since we don't watch TV. Those would be more classic things. I get a little tired of all the stuff that's based on the latest kids movie or show.

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I personally would rather see a book than little junk filled bag. My DS hasn't been to any parties where there are favors yet (he's almost 2) so we haven't gotten any. But I think I would feel like you and not want the bag. As for a "series", not really sure, but great idea on the book!!