Can I hang here?

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Can I hang here?

For those of you who don't know me, I've been around here too long. DH and I ditched birth control 5.5 years ago and so far have had no luck TTC. We've been on a break for the last few months though, but now I'm back!

Here is my rundown of the last 5.5 years:
-TTC on our own for 2 years approx, one angel at 5 weeks in that time.
-RE#1 diagnoses "unexplained infertility" after basic investigations (saline hydro..something or other to check tubes which were fine and I O normally). DH's counts are "threw the roof" so no issues there.
-we moved to another city
-RE#2 agrees with RE#1. Three IUIs with meds (clomid and injectibles) from Jan '11 to June '11. Another angel at 5.5 weeks in that time. LAP reveals large cyst on left ovary, right tube blocked, uterus was "hard to see", mild endo. One more aggressive cycle with injectibles to try and get a few more eggs off the left. Even with 4 follies and a sperm count 10X the normal after washing, BFN.
-we move again
-RE#3 reviews docs from previous doctors and asks us why my Uterine Septum (!!?!) hadn't been looked at as a cause yet. NEWS TO US then he shows us the document from the last clinic which very clearly states I do have a subseptate uterus which they never told us about. 3D ultrasound shows a pretty significant septum, but at least it's not a complete septum.

Oct 4 I had the surgery to remove the septum, as well as the cyst on my left ovary which was close to the size of apricot. Also an HSG to check tubes and check my endo/clear it out if required. Unfortunately I haven't had my follow up with the RE yet and that isn't until Dec 5. Therefore I don't know what he found during the lap or whether my right tube was blocked after all (he thinks the dye during my LAP/HSG last year wasn't going through because the septum was blocking it).

I checked with the nurse at the clinic and I'm "released" to start TTC again now that the bleeding stopped from the surgery. I had some EWCM the last few days and DH and I DTD so, based on my body signs I think I'm in my first TWW in a LONG time!

The biggest problem I'm having right now is that I have absolutely no hope left. I'm so scared of getting my hopes up. I really want to believe that my issues are fixed. I want to have hope that I can get pregnant and that it will happen quickly. But I've been through so much that I'm really at a breaking point and I don't know how much more I can take. It doesn't help that I just had my 34th birthday last week. If any of you have any hope to spare, I could use some right now. I'm not religious, but I guess prayers would be welcome as well!

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I'm so sorry for everything you've been through. I have no advice but I can send lots of encouragement your way. I hope this happens quickly for you now that you've had the surgery!

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You don't have to be religious.. but just asking for prayers is enough for me, sweetie! I'll add you to my weekly prayer list.. I can only IMAGINE what a journey you've been through with DH!! :comfort:

But in all honesty, it sounds like your TTC journey is looking up and in the VERY right direction! I'm confused why no one would have mentioned the USep before a THIRD Dr. Sad But God Bless him/her because they did! You and DH could have been working on TTC for 20 years and it never happen..

Let's hope for the best while staying realistic.. Thoughts, prayers and TONS of hope vibes coming your way, friend! :clappy:

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HECK YEAH! EWCM! It sounds very promising! That sucks that it took so long before you finally found out about the septum BUT at least you did find out and now it appears as though you are on the right track.

I'm also sending up prayers for you. Smile

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GL!! I hope the septum was the issue.

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Good Luck Hun! It would be great if both of us could stay in July. Personally I don't think it is going to happen for me. Pretty sure I O'd this last week while in TO for mom's funeral. Hard to BD when hubby was still in Edmonton.

FWIW, I got pregnant with Bailey right after a HSG.

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Thank you everyone. I really hope this happens quick for us and that the septum was the issue. I'm really trying to be positive but it is so hard! I don't have the motivation or energy anymore but I'm trying.

I'm not an early tester by any means (I rarely ever test) but our new RE seems to think if I had tested monthly leading up to expected AF, I would probably have seen a lot of chemicals/early losses if the septum was causing implantation issues. He said that early losses/chemicals could explain why only some months my period was way worse than others but since I didn't test I can't confirm.

So... I will hang out for now. Maybe I will get some more cheapies and start testing for fun each month?

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Hi Rachael! I remember you from a while back! I hope clearing everything out fixed the problem. I'm definitely keeping you in my prayers!! Good Luck!

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I fully support your need/want to POAS!

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yay for EWCM! I hope the septum was the issue and you get to stay here! I'm sorry you're having trouble being optimistic, hopefully you'll be surprised. Smile I'll be thinking of you.

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Good luck to you and I'm sorry to hear about all you have been through. I'm sending thoughts your way for a BFP. Smile

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Your story moved me and I hope you'll have a little one in your arms soon. I'm not religious either but I am spiritual and I do believe that prayers are answered Smile

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Hi Rachael I do remember you from a while. Im sad to see that your in this situation but hopefully they have possibly found the issue. I wish you guys the best and im hoping to see a BFP soon!