And the cat is out of the bag

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And the cat is out of the bag

At least on my side. ;). We are in Michigan for my uncles memorial and
I told one aunt and another guessed and basically two days later everyone knows.

Oh we'll, but I can't help but think we might have jinxed myself and being nervous for my ultrasound next week.

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Ive ended up telling a few more people than anticipated too and keep thinking the same!! Im sure all will be fine though Smile

What day is your u/s?

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It happens, don't stress yourself... Happy thoughts for your sono! Biggrin

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Few people know already. My husband said wait until after Christmas, but he keeps on telling people lol. I still worry about happening if we told early too.

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we havn't told anyone yet, we are waiting for Christmas. BEFORE an ultrasound or hearing the heartbeat. EEP!