Chinese gender calendar

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Chinese gender calendar

Just had a peek at this

Choose Your Baby Gender Naturally: Chinese Calendar Gender Prediction Reviews & Tips

It is correct with both my Ds's!! It predicts that this baby will be a girl!

Btdt mums, was your prediction correct?

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This was correct last time with DS and says it will be a girl this time Wink

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mine was correct last time. Predicting a boy

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How do you exchange the month into the lunar month? My boys were conceived in September and in March

Eta: this calculator is much easier to use, just enter the dates and its calculated for you

It was wrong for both of my boys, it predicted girl each time. This time it says boy so maybe it's a girl Wink

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it still says boy for me Blum 3 I think DH's side of the family is destined to all have boys haha. There are currently 5 grandchildren and 4 of them are boys. The girl is almost 13.

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It says Lucas should be a girl. It was right for Tori.

It says girl this time.

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Right for my DD and is predicting a boy this time...

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it was right with DS and it says girl this time Smile