Do you tell if someone guesses??

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Do you tell if someone guesses??

My cousin texted me last night and asked if I was pregnant. I was waiting to tell her in person, but she knows I haven't been feeling well lately.

I wanted to also wait till the ultrasound.

I don't want to lie to her though.

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How would she have guessed? I wouldn't tell till you're ready Smile I know you don't want to lie, can you just not answer the question? That might be hard if you see her in real life. It's easy enough to ignore a text Smile

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Yikes I would not want to be put on the spot like that. IDK what I would do.

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Well, she has been trying to get ahold of me since our uncle passed away. There was a family fight with her mom and my uncle and some family tension because of it and now guilt because he died unexpectantly.

I hadn't been returning her calls and finally sent her a text saying I wasn't ignoring her, just wasn't feeling well, but that I would call soon. Days pass then she sees a facebook post about DH bringing me flowers (totally unrelated to baby), but she put the two together and guessed preggers.

Also, she and her husband have been trying for quite some time and I know she will be happy for us, but I am also sensitive to her feelings in the matter.

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I was put on the spot like that, and I came clean. I felt like if I said no then I would be jinxing it. Just me and silly superstitions. :rolleyes:

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I've told one friend because when I walked out of the doctors room carrying my copy of "Emma's Diary" (which is a booklet given to all pregnant women) I walked into her. She saw the book and didn't say anything just gave me a hopefull smile and I said yes but that we weren't telling anyone.

She is great and I know that she won't tell anyone until we say that it is public knowledge.

I am having a party tonight for my birthday and I'm going to be dodging the alcohol, that could get tricky but I may just say I'm on antibiotics if anyone asks.

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Noelle, what did you end up doing? I can totally understand wanting to be sensitive to her as well and I think she would understand if she found out later why you didn't fess up right away.

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I think it is so hard this early dodging all the questions! I always go back and forth with it. For people who just say/joke about when we're planning to have another one I've just been saying, "Oh, we'll see!" However, if a close family member or friend would ask me directly I guess I would tell them. One one hand I don't want to tell people yet, but on the other hand I don't want people to feel like I lied to them. Always such a dilemma!

sleepy59-- Dodging questions thanks to alcohol is a concern of mine as well! I am going out to dinner with a work friend on Tuesday. I am sure he will think it is really weird if I don't have a drink with dinner, but I'll have to come up with something. Everyone at work knows I'm a sucker for pumpkin beer and me not having one will be odd. DH and I are also going out with friends next Saturday, but we have a plan in place (i.e., he gets me drinks to appear like they are alcoholic like just cranberry juice instead of cranberry vodka) coupled with it's my turn to DD.

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i was seriously harassed by my in laws tonight!!! lol. We were at a bachelorette party and I had water, but I was also driving. DH's aunt was asking when we were having more kids and I just told her it was a surprise. She asked if I was pregnant now and I said the same thing. One of DH's cousins said "OMG she is going to announce it at Christmas!!!" Lol I wouldn't give them and answer, but they are all convinced.

I thought about just telling them, but very briefly because nobody knows yet and MIL would be calling us so fast saying W.T.F Lol