Does anyone feel ovary twinges.....

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Does anyone feel ovary twinges.....

Does anyone feel ovary twinges pretty much all month long?

I can't believe how early I started getting them this month, and the other crazy part is that I feel it on both sides and sometimes cramps, too! Like within the same day.

It's just funny because the old myth my mom had told me was you alternate sides every month, but the more I read, the more I found that's not necessarily true....that you can alternate every month, or you can be gearing up on one side and then suddenly the other matures faster and it makes it out first.

I'm guessing the extra vitamins I'm trying this month are contributing to it. I hope I get a nice strong, healthy egg!!

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Yes...I feel them evey month! This month has been weird because I thought I may have O'd on CD 9 or 10 because I felt so many twinges and slight cramping, but I never had a postive OPK. It's been like that for almost a week and I finally got a positive OPK today and I'm feeling lots and lots of twinges and on both sides. Hopefully it's like you said and just means there are some nice strong healthy eggs!

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I usually feel them intermittently during the month but they get stronger during O time.

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Yes I feel them to all month long not just at O time. So weird you wrote this bc I had sharp twinges on my right side today and was thinking its way to early to O lol. Plus when I had my scan done last week my right ovary was larger than my left. Right was 33 mm and left was 25mm I always seem to feel more twinges on the right side too.

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Oh my gosh, this is really weird that you brought this up. I was having some major twinges in my right ovary today (like most of the day off and on) and I was thinking, what in the world is that about, way too early for O for sure.

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I typically feel them every month. This morning I had some slight cramps on the left side.