Excited yet nervous/advice please!

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Excited yet nervous/advice please!

I havent properly introduced myself! My name is Madonna and Im currently engaged to Marc. Weve been together a little over a year and are expecting our first baby. Were both hoping for a boy but really as long as the baby is healthy we will be thrilled.

Were very excited for our first baby, yet kind of nervous in telling our parents. His mom already knows so that isnt an issue and she was happy for it, and his sister knows as well. Both were very happy for us. We have yet to tell my parents yet. Not sure how to go about doing that. Our finances are not exactly perfect for us starting a family so thats a big worry, were worried about them (my folks) judging us and trying to get us to give the baby up for adoption because we arent ready for it financially.

My other advice seeking section is having sex. I have lung problems which arent causing me breathing problems except during sex. Theirs only one posistion that we can have sex in and that gets kind of old personally.

Im also having a very weird sensation whenever I get up to quickly or turn around. I get very bad very intense pain right where my groin meets my hips. The pain is so bad at times it doubles me over. Any idea whats causing it?

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Welcome and congrats:) Don't worry about money issues, things will work it self out. I am having baby #3 and my husband been out of work since November 25 for re injuring his back. Now we are waiting for short term disability to kick in until he is recovered and back to work. Don't worry about your parents, I had the same fear when having baby #1. They cannot make you give it up for adoption, that is your call and they should respect that. I am sure they would love your bundle of joy. As for sex, you can try the lazy man aka spooning. You don't have to work as hard. About the pain, I am not sure maybe ligaments ? Hope that helps.

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I agree with pp, don't worry because everything is going to be find. DH and I broke up the day before I found out I was expecting DS, money was a HUGE issue, but honestly you make it work. :). I come from a pretty traditional family nd a baby outside of marriage was unheard of. In the end, everyone was loving and supportive and considers our son a blessing.

As for sex, I say whatever works is what you do. Wink how far along are you? My hormones are raging now, but I'm on pelvic rest and I'm going nuts!

Welcome to July and I'm excited o get to know you.

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Im almost 11 weeks along, will be eleven weeks on wed. Course some say ten weeks now and some say eleven weeks now, wont know for sure until I see my doctor in January. Rather nervous about that too but Im sure everything will be fine. I just dont want to be put on bedrest or anything of that sort. I tend to go insane if I have limits put on my activity.
I just now we cant support a baby and ourselves on disability. We dont make nearly enough. Im sure something will work out before the baby comes in July.