First appointment scheduled with new OB

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First appointment scheduled with new OB

Yea! I'm really excited because this doctor is supposed to be really awesome. I go on 11/27, so just 12 days from now. I'll be roughly 8.5 weeks. Not sure if they usually do it that early or if its because I'm not sure of exact dates. My old OB didn't want to see me until 10-12 weeks unless there is a problem.

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So glad you got in! He sounds great. My old midwife had first appointments at 8 weeks and the new one is 9 so 8.5 seems normal to me. 10-12seems late....

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Yay! My first appointment is two weeks from today Wink I can't wait!

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I'm glad you got an awesome ob!!

my midwife doesn't want to see me until 12 weeks

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That's exciting! Hope you like the new doc.
I'm waiting til after we move to Phoenix on the 1st to find a this point I still need to find a house!

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Glad you got an appointment with an OB you like.