First OB appointment today

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First OB appointment today


Not for the normal reasons. I'm pretty sure everything is going well.

I haven't been there before and I'm scared of getting lost.

I am scared he will do a vaginal ultrasound. I want an u/s but those things just weird me out. Hard to focus on the screen while someone is sticking that thing up you!!!

I am scared he will want to do my pap today and be pushy about it. I'd rather wait until after baby. At that point you are so used to people poking around in there that it doesn't matter!

I am scared to talk to him about the breast pain I am having. I think it's a bad bruise (I build furniture and I was holding a 2x4 over my head and dropped it on myself). But you just never know with breast pain so I'm nervous.

Im scared because he wants to talk first to decide if we are a good patient--doctor fit. IIm scared he won't take me on!

So yeah... Nervous wreck. I go at 2pm Eastern.

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Sad its so scary at first but im sure you'll have a wonderful appt, i had a vaginal ultrasound yesterday and yes it does feel awkward but they get a much better picture doing it vaginally than externally and trust me i was dieing from drinking 32 oz of water and couldnt hold it and had to pee before my appt.

I think the pap is important in the beginning to just rule out any problems that might complicate your pregnancy early on. good luck and i hope your nerves calm before the appt

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I'm sorry you're feeling scared... just so you know, I learned from my midwife yesterday, that for women over 30 they now only recommend doing a pap every 5 years!!! How awesome is that?! That's if you have never had an abnormal one at least...

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Good luck today. How long has it been since your last pap? You should be able to push it until your 6 wk PP check if you have had regular negative paps. Let us know how it goes.

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how was your appt? i hope everything went well

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How did it go?

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How was it? Did you find the place okay?

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How did it go? It seems weird that he was the one that wanted to talk first to see if you two were a good fit. That's probably a good thing though. Did you end up being a good fit? Did you get an u/s?

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Sorry my update took so long. I did have a pap and and bloodwork afterwards I felt so bad that I came home and slept for four hours. I just woke up! Still feel completely horrible. Wonder if I'm getting the nasty stomach virus going through my church. Yuck.

Doc is awesome. So laid back and none of that self-importance you find in a lot of doctors. He made me feel completely at ease, even during the lovely pap. He talked through my medical history and I felt more like I was talking to a friend than giving a doctor a list of symptoms. It was nice.

He said I could take Mucinex to slow down the sinus drainage and hopefully that will help the morning sickness (most of mine starts as coughing up mucous). If not, he said to drop him an email and he will call in some nausea meds.

I weighed 16 pounds more in the office than at home. I knew my scale was a few pounds off but seriously????? I told them how off that seemed. I'm going by my home scale!

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I'm glad you liked the dr. That makes such a huge difference.

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Yay for liking your doctor! I need to find one in our new city, stressful stuff. Mucus drainage is what sets me off too, *shudder*. I didn't know we were allowed to take Mucinex, intriguing!

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I'm glad you found someone you like!

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Yay Smile for great appointment. I hope you will feel better soon. Tis the season for that horrible stomach flu.