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Flu Shot

Sorry if this has already been talked about before. Are you ladies getting one? If so, do you wait until the first tri is over? Does it matter? I had one with DS, but I was in my third tri when that time of the year hit. I got a preservative free one. I know my doc will mention it next week, and I will probably follow her advice, I just wanted to see how you all were handling this.

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i have never had a flu shot but when i went in for my 8 week midwife appt they had suggested it and recommended it for pregnant ladies, DS in now in preschool and he's constantly sick so i end up getting it, I had the non mercury kind with no live virus and i was fine didnt get sick or anything

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I've never had one, so I won't be getting one unless there is another crazy flu like H1N1 going around

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My doc didn't mention it. I don't go back until 1-11 and by then isn't it too late? I've never gotten the flu shot before and unless my doc had a really, really good reason, I wouldn't get it now. I DID get my whooping cough booster this summer, which I'm so glad I did now. I got it combined with the tetanus shot I needed and I felt awful for a week. Glad I got that out of the way!

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I got one before I was pregnant, but I did get one while I was pregnant with my son on the advice of the midwife and my OB's office.

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If you get a flu shot be sure to ask for the mercury free one. Not all offices carry it because it is more expensive. Only the single dose vials are mercury free. Most flu shots come from a multidose vial which is loaded with mercury. The flu shot has 250x the EPA recommended exposure to mercury. Mercury is a neurotoxin. I absolutely would not get it, especially while pregnant. I have no idea if mercury crosses the placenta but I wouldn't take any chances, plus I wouldn't want all that mercury in my body either. I'm not generally anti vaccine, but the flu shot is only 60% effective and is loaded with mercury. To me it's just not worth it. If you'd like the shot be sure to shop around for the mercury free one. Hope this helps!

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Nah. I not getting one unless it is necessary. My doctor didn't mention it anything at all during the last pregnancy.

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I have to get it for work so I did mine a few months ago...before I was pregnant.