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flu shot

I know someone asked about this a little while ago, but seeing as how the flu has ramped up now and people seems more severe then normal seasons, has anyone gotten the shot? we still havn't, but i am wondering if we should. the fear mongering is starting to work!

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The fear mongering is starting to get to me too! I'm a physician assistant who works in the ER. Every single one of our nurses has had the flu this year, and all of them were vaccinated. Every flu patient I have seen this year without exception has had the flu shot. I just read an article this morning saying 3/4 of ppl this year so far with the flu have not been vaccinated, however that goes against what we've been seeing in our community.

This year is only the 4th time in the last 25 years that they used the same flu vaccine formulation two years in a row. Last years flu shot was 60% effective in preventing flu. I guess their prediction was for a better match up this year with the same formula. We won't know for a few more months. I haven't been vaccinated, but I sure will be wearing a mask at work till March!

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oh, for sure! if i worked in a hospital I would be wearing one too Blum 3 at the hospital i know they have patients wearing them in the emergency room. I am pretty anal about washing and sanitizing my hands, especially in public, but DS is in daycare so I am pretty positive if the flu visits us it will be coming from him. He has never had the shot before so he would need two doses and i don't know if it is worth it at this point. Say he got one tomorrow, the next dose would be 4 weeks later and then take another 2 weeks for immunity. well be then flu season is over??

what strain is going around there? We are having a lot of influenza A cases which apparantly causes more complications...

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I had the flu shot. I was worried because I have a son with a trach whose immune system is down from all the trauma he's had over the past year, and he's susceptible. I also had pneumonia a little over a year ago, and I don't want to go through that again, especially while pg. That being said, I've only had the flu once or twice in the last 20+ years, that I can remember, and this is only the second flu shot I've ever had.

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i got it at my first appt, i have never gotten it in the past but midwife recommended it so i did, make sure you get the non mercury kind if you do get it

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I haven't got it. This is the first year that I'm thinking maybe I should. I decided that if my Dr recommended it I would do it but he hasn't said anything yet. I'm just not convinced that it's all that effective -- and I don't get sick easily.

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Up until this year I have worked at a medical college that was connected to a hospital so we had to get them. So, I've been procrastinating this year that I have to do it on my own. I 'll be getting one at my next appointment though. My doctor recommended it at the last one, but I was already under the weather. I figure better safe than sorry. I was sick with a virus a few weeks ago and if I can stop myself from getting the flu I'm all for it. Morning sickness is enough, lol Smile

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I have never gotten a flu shot, so I doubt I'll do it this time either.

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I usually get one, but I don't think I will this year. Maybe if the ob recommends it. DH and DS both have had theirs.

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I'd rather have the flu, then the side affects of the vaccine... and since I rarely get the flu anyway (I think I've had it only once or twice in my life, and it was just like a bad cold but with a high fever and some extra aches for a couple days), I'll take my chances. If someone in my family had a weaker immune system for some reason then I would definitely consider it. We are pretty selective about the vaccines that we do get. Certainly not anti vaccine, but there are definitely risks involved every time you get a vaccine, so it's not something to take lightly either.

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I never get it and I don't give it to the kids. If anyone in my family had a compromised immune system, it'd be different. My kids get most of their vaccines but this one has always felt unnecessary for our typically healthy family.

I think we did have it. Other than my daughter, the rest of the house has been sleeping a ton and feeling exhausted. Some fevers. Lots of sore throats and coughing.

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I got mine before I was pregnant.

I just got DS one this week because a) the media is scaring me, b) we are going on a cruise in Feb and c) Just precautionary with the baby coming.

I'm really on the fence over the flu shot. I've only had 3 my whole life and the first was when I was pregnant with DS and it was the last Flu scare.

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