Gender reveal!

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Gender reveal!

And it's a ............................................


I honestly wouldn't have minded what we had but its nice after two boys to get a little girl! Oh dear, pink pink pink here we come, this is going to get expensive Smile

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Congratulations! Your boys will love a baby sister!

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Congratulations! She will be well loved and protected by your boots!

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Congrats on your sweet baby girl!

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yay!!! congrats Smile

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Congrats on your baby girl!

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So excited for you!!! Welcome to team pink!

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congrats on your baby girl Smile

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Congrats! I always thought two boys and a girl would be ideal for three kids (which I got just not in that order LOL).

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Congratulations Angie!
I'm having a girl after 2 boys too and I still don't think I have my head around the idea. I just see myself as a Mom to boys and can't picture it. I would have been happy with all boys too but am feeling very blessed to be having a girl...I'm with Ashley and think 2 boys followed by a girl is ideal for me. Smile

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Thank you ladies! I've been buying pink all week Smile