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What is your funniest most embarrassing moment?

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Mine was my sophmore year of college flying back from Michigan to Kentucky in a pretty small plane. I was talking to this really cute guy who was probably about 23/24 the whole flight.

Well it started to get a bit turbulent and my stomach started to get a little queasy. Sometimes when that happens, a small burp helps reliave the feeling, well I did and I puked all over my sweater. Took it off (thankfully I had a shirt on underneath), and mortified I didn't speak the rest of the flight.

As we were leaving he tapped me on the shoulder and said he hoped I felt better soon.

I could have crawled inside myself if I had the option!

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This didn't embarrass, although maybe it should have, but I thought it was pretty funny/gross. The night I met DH, my friends and I were out on a girls night. DH was actually a friend of a friend, and we had never met. We went from a party downtown to a piano bar. I went with a girlfriend to the bathroom. I noticed a little wetness on the stall door, but didn't think anything of it. I flushed, turned and put my hand on the lock to open the stall. Just then, the toilet sprayed water all over me. From over my head to my feet. I wasn't drenched, but it did take a couple of paper towels to get rid of some of the moisture. least there was no visible waste in the toilet that was left before I used it. My brother said, "you left the bar then right." I replied that I did not and enjoyed the rest of my evening.

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The setting: 8th grade, before school at a meeting for peer mediators (me and 3 guys - all in the 13-14 year old range)
The set up: before the meeting starts, the guys are goofing around playing keep away with one of the guys magic cards. I'm minding my own damn business (and on my period- this will come into play later)

The funny: so one of the guys fake passes me the card and then pockets it, the owner then turns to me and demands it back. I say I don't have it and he starts getting really mad... So I pull out everything in my pockets (cause I want no part in this) and slam down what I thought was some change and chap stick.... Only to watch an OB tampon roll slow motion across the table and hit the floor.

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This just happened this past weekend. I was at the mall with my kids and they were all playing in the little kids play area. I stand up and tell the kids it's time to go and my oldest comes sprinting and hops over the bench. I was wearing some cotton flowy type pants and his foot catches the side of them and pulls my pants down. Not completely but enough. Of course, there was a ton of people around to see I was wearing polka dot panties that day lol and my kids thought it was pretty funny.

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I've got a puking on an airplane story, too! Smile When I was 12weeks with my first, we flew home for Christmas and I was so sick that pregnancy (which turned out to be non-pregnancy related but I didn't know it at the time, I thought it was really bad morning sickness)... I was so sick I could barely function. So of course we end up on this TINY plane. Like, two seats on one side, 1 seat on the other and only like 10 rows. And of COURSE the thing echoed like a tin can. And of course, I puked my guts out the entire flight. So horrifying!

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when I was in grade 9 I was at school eating lunch in the cafeteria. One of my "friends" said that they were taking photos for the yearbook so I went over and someone was pretending to take our photo. So I am sitting there smiling like an idiot and some grade 12 gives me a wet willy in front of the whole cafeteria. It's not very funny, but it is definitely my most embarassing moment!