Had a scare tonight..update

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Had a scare tonight..update

Was at dinner with my family and went up to go to the bathroom. I had what felt like a bubble or air in my vagina, but then it gushed out blood. Lots of blood, one large clot and a few small clots. But I had no pain or cramping. I was sure I was miscarrying because of the shear amount of blood.

We went to the Er an after tests and ultrasounds the baby is great. Measuring 8w5d with 167 hb. I have a sub chorionic hematoma. I'm still confused and I'm not sure what that really means. I am in Michigan and I didn't get a straight answer if it is safe to fly or not.

Back at family's now and just taking it easy. Still a bit confused and worried.

Still bleeding and talked to my OB. They want to see me ASAP when I get home. We travel tomorrow and my u/s is on Wednesday at 11am.

I found out more about it. Subchroinic hemmorage/hematoma is when the placenta separates from the uterus and a clot forms behind, sometimes it reabsorbs , sometimes it doesn't and the size can vary. The is a much higher chance of miscarriage as well. Sad

I found a support group for SCH online and it looks like depending on the size and severity and my dr, I might be looking at bed rest, modified bed rest or at the very least pelvic rest.

The scary thing is gushes of blood could happen again with no notice like the first time. I'll update after I talk to my OB. I'm just praying for a healthy baby again at this u/s.

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I think that might be what I had with Lucas. It's like a pocket of blood that loosens and comes out. It eventually resorbs but can cause bleeding.

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That's what the doctor said, but it was ALOT of blood. I hope that isn't a normal amount for the pregnancy. :eek:

I'm worried about the plane. The doctor basically said he couldn't tell me flying or driving was completely safe, but couldn't say it was really dangerous either. I'm going to try to call my ob today and the. Medical records to her

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oh my goodness that would have been scary! :bighug:

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Omg I'm glad the u/s showed all was ok Sad poor you, you must have been terrified Sad

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That's so scary! I'm glad that the tests and u/s came out great. Good luck with getting home--I hope your OB gives you some more definitive answers. How far do you have to go?

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"Dundees2010" wrote:

That's so scary! I'm glad that the tests and u/s came out great. Good luck with getting home--I hope your OB gives you some more definitive answers. How far do you have to go?

Detroit to Orlando, about 2 1/2 hours

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Oh my, that must have been scary! Glad everything is ok. I am not a doctor, but I wouldn't see why you couldn't fly.

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Are you leaving MI tomorrow?

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I had an SCH with a previous pregnancy. At 12 weeks I had the first episode of bleeding and it was very heavy. Thought for sure the baby was gone, but there he was on US, moving around and healthy as could be. The ER doctor just referred me back to my OB, who said it was very common, we would watch it and to come back in a week for another US. Didn't put me on bedrest, but I felt that bleeding+pregnancy was not good and I stayed pretty inactive. I went back in a week and the US showed the SCH was very large (bigger than it was) and then they put me on bedrest. I was told that most of the time they heal on their own during the first trimester, but mine was obviously huge and into the second trimester. I had a few episodes of bleeding and it went on for at least a month.

Hopefully they can monitor you and watch it getting smaller, and that it happens quickly. It took a long time for mine to heal, but I am happy to report that I went on to have a healthy full term baby. Most people do with the condition. It is just so scary when it is going on, though.

Please update when you arrive home and see your OB, try to stay calm and rest as much as possible.

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How scary that must be for you. Safe travels to you and update us when you can.

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Thank you everyone!

Kara - the ER dr didn't tell me the size so I should know more tomorrow. I'll update after my appointment.

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I hope everything goes smoothly at your appt tomorrow!