Had u/s today!

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Had u/s today!

Hi ladies!

So I had my first scan today, had to pay private but wanted to make sure there was just one in there after the clomid/trigger!

I'm 6 weeks today, baby was measuring at 5w5d but the lady wasn't worried as she said the measurement at this stage is inaccurate because the baby is soooo small!

We saw a lovely heartbeat and baby measured a tiny 2mm!! It amazes me how it can be that small and yet we see a heartbeat! She is going to rescan me free of charge in 2 weeks Smile

Sorry if pic is huge, pb probs still.

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That's so wonderful!!!

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That is such great news! I love the reassurance of ultrasounds!

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Yay! Isn't it amazing the peace of mind technology can afford us nowadays?

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Yay. That is wonderful. I have to admit, I'm nervous also about two being in there. Thankfully the U/S is Wednesday, so the wait is almost over to find out.

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yay! glad you were able to see and get some comfort

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thats such great news, and how nice of her to give you a free scan in 2 weeks Smile