Hate that I can't trust my body!!!

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Hate that I can't trust my body!!!

I feel pg and have for two days now. Off and on I've had nausea, dizziness, cramps, backache, headache, and breast tenderness. My BBs have even been getting shooting pains in them and that never happens unless I'm pg. but I've heard so many times that clomid can cause these symptoms even if you aren't pg. I know the clomid gave me a really good O from my prog. Of 53.4 but that means nada about pg. I tested this morning at 9 dpo and got a bfn and I know it's early. However it really makes me believe this is all clomid and no real pg symptoms. I feel if I was feeling real symptoms I would have an hcg level of at least 25 and I'd get a light bfp. I know it's still possible to be pg ...sigh.. but I'm feeling very negative about it now. I should stop testing early!! I plan on trying to wait until 11 dpo to test again bc if I'm pg I should get something by then.

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Like you said, it's early. I'm thinking good thoughts for you!

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Try to wait it out. I have never gotten early results with any pregnancy test. Hang in there Smile

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It is still early. Don't give up! Pregnancy and AF symptoms are so similar (for me at least). We just dtd last night and I'm already analyzing every cramp and tender boob moment. Wink

Do something relaxing for yourself. Pedicure? Movie? Order lunch to go from your favorite restaurant?

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((((HUGS)))) I know how hard it is to wait!! Hang in there...thinking of you!

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Thanks Bet :). Can't wait to see pics of Piper when she arrives!

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Only one sure-fire way to know! POAS! :clappy: It is possible to get a nice, clear BFP at 9DPO.. that's when I got mine.. but weigh your options.. which will cause you more stress? The waiting until 11.. 12 etc. DPO or seeing a BFN on the HPT?

:comfort: I'm REALLY hoping this could be it for you, friend! :thumbsup:

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9DPO is still early, but I know how you feel. This is cycle 10 for us and every month I convince myself that I am pregnant and then AF shows. It is incredibly frustrating.

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OP, I know how you feel! It's unbelievable how your body/mind can play tricks on you! I hope your symptoms mean there's a sticky bean, though Smile

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BFN again today and that f ain't standing for fat. I told myself I wouldn't test again today but I couldn't resist. Ive stared at that test for sooo long trying to make a line appear. Bah! I still have symptoms and they aren't in my head but I'm gonna assume they are all clomid related. If I'm pg I usually get a bfp by 10 dpo. This sucks!

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I know what you mean. I've always had a BFP by 10dpo if I was going to get one. But, I really, really hope you get a BFP tomorrow.

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:lurk: Hang in there!! Give it another day or two.. it's not over until the :witch: shows!!

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