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Might be hanging out here. I haven't tested yet but I am 11 days late so it's probably time. I'm never late. But I'm also dealing with a lot of family stress and I was really sick last week. I didn't test yet because I wanted to let my body settle down first. I don't have any symptoms and I'm the one who gets ALL the symptoms long before I'm even late so I'm confused.

If I am, I'd be looking at 7/7/13.

My kids are 7 and 5 and we were definitely happily past the baby phase of life and enjoying the stages the kids are in now. I'm a little in shock at this possibility. So we will see!

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Let us know when you do, but it does sound like you are.

Welcome to July Wink

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what are you waiting for? TEST!!

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I'm waiting for a chance to go to the sstore without my nosey seven year old, hahaha. She has two hours of dance class tonight and it will be just me and the non-reading five year old. That means I can buy a test without a million questions!!! Smile