Hey girlies sorry I was MIA!

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Hey girlies sorry I was MIA!

I just had to take a breather I guess. I was really hoping to be pg by Noah's EDD, right after I lost him I was sure I would be even since it was 6 months away. His EDD was 10-9 I lit some candles by the small stone we have engraved for him and we also observed PG&Infant Loss day on the 15th. So it's been a tough month. Plus I started on clomid this month too and anyone who's taken it can relate to the sh!tstorm of hormonal issues it set off in my body. Lordy, Lordy, this was my first time ever taking it and whoa is all I can say. I super really hope I get pg this cycle and wont have to do it again. But I will don't get me wrong. My MW warned me things might be tougher on me since I was already Oing on my own. Who'd have thought after 6 kids and 9 pgs I'd need clomid? I know I'll get done flak if I even tell people I took it so I may just keep it to myself (well my mom and dh know of course). From my chart and OPKs and the intense pain lol I'm pretty sure it gave me a good O. I'm going for my progesterone this afternoon (7 dpo) so we'll know tomorrow maybe. I think I'm feeling some possible pg symptoms but I've read that sometimes clomid can mimic those in you even though you took it quite early in your cycle?? So I guess time will tell. GL to everyone this month and congrats to those who got pg last month!

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I'm so sorry for your loss of baby Noah. (hugs)

Welcome to July and I hope you get to stay!

PS- It is no one's business what you take to get pregnant. If you want a baby and can love and financially support him/her then it is perfectly fine! Smile

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Welcome back and I hope you are feeling better. I know how taxing this can be Smile I hope you get a miracle clomid baby.

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I'm so so SO super happy to see you back, sweetie! Smile I'll be stalking you!!!! Just so you know. Wink hehe

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Thanks Adriana! You seem to be moving right along in your pg almost 2nd tri already!!!

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I am so sorry about your loss. And I know how hard it is to reach an EDD of an angel without being pregnant again. I hope clomid did the trick for you and that your journey will end in July.

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I hope the clomid did what it needed to and you get a lovely BFP in a few days! Sorry it's been such a rough month and cycle. :bighug: