Hllo again...yet goodbye!

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Hllo again...yet goodbye!

Sorry I have been MIA so badly...stupid Iphone hates this site and keeps blanking out on me...so it leaves me to get on the computer...which is also totally pants...its behaving better today...so having a mad update all round.
Saying that...not keen on using the com as its right by the back door and freezing!!! lol

Anyway....Congrats to all the BFPs and sorry for all the BFNs.

BFN for me too as AF has come on time as usual.
Not used to waiting this long for a BFP...if nothing by the NY then I will see the doc about it.
In the meantime I'll get my thyroid tested agin as I have lost weight and you never know my levels might be squiwhiff.

So anyhow...I am not hanging around.
I probably won't join August either as its hard to keep up to date...so I'll be around my TTC 2 years board...

Thinking of you all!!

Good luck and much love!!!!

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Hi Smile & bye Sad I'm 99% coming with you, though Biggrin

If I do O today, I'm looking at the last day of July as EDD.

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Hi and bye Sad

Good luck to you!

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Glad you're around and doing okay, but sorry that this wasn't your month. Thinking about you Liz!

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sorry it wasnt your month Liz, hopefully it will happen next month!!

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Hi Liz:) sorry that AF showed:( Just remember your time will come soon. My friend is finally expecting her first in February. She had 3 miscarriages and took her 4 years after that last loss. Keep your head up and I will be checking for your future good news. In the mean while I am not having much luck either:( AF should start next week.

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Aweeeee, my dearest Liz! I just knew you would have a BFP this month! Hope August truly is the magical month. Hair brained sisters have to be right sometimes! Wink You are in my thoughts!

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Sorry about the BFN Liz. Those suck.

I wanted to tell you, I've been getting around my phone issues with this site by using another browser. I downloaded the Opera browser app and things are up and running for me!

Hope you get your BFP super soon!!!