Holy boobies!!!

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Holy boobies!!!

Omg! They are huge now! They were swollen and sore before, but it hurts to not have a bra on now. Im an endowed girl as it is (usually a D or DD....full C when I'm skinny, which i am not Right now) I've gone up at least a size, if not two....time to go bra shopping at the maternity store.

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Yup! Normally I just squeezing into a DD because I'm too lazy to go to a specialty store like I should. Now I'm bursting out. My nursing bras last time were G cups and I think I'm heading that way already!!! Good grief...

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I'm a B and didn't notice a huge difference with DS, but right now i have noticed they are more "full" looking. Not as saggy as they were several weeks ago, more normal looking now Lol

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So far I'm with Janice, just more full. I've already pulled my maternity clothes out of the attic and washed everything, bras included. I went up a couple of cup sizes with DS.

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I started as a C cup, I have already done up to a D cup and they are getting too small so I bought some DD bras yesterday. I only got to a DD at the end of my last pregnancy so who knows what size I will end up this time.