Hoping this is my month! (Intro)

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Hoping this is my month! (Intro)

Hi All,

I'm excited for July and hoping that it's our month. We have had luck with July before...we have a July 2010 baby who is no longer a baby...she's an independent toddler now. Smile

We've been trying for over a year now and ran into all sorts of complications. I had a surgery to remove a cyst on my right ovary in August and ended up having to have my right fallopian tube removed as well. Just had an HSG a few weeks ago which showed that my left tube is open and all the rest looks great.

I'll be starting AF next week and then doing a round of Clomid with a trigger shot...RE thinks we have a great chance as my egg reserve, ovaries, tube and uterus looked great! Hoping I get to join you! If so, this next LO will have almost the same birthday as DD, but that's okay....We can just have one huge birthday party!! Blum 3

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Awesome! Glad to hear your health is good now and one huge bday party sounds pretty great to me Smile

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I'm glad things are looking good for you now, and wish you lots of luck this month!

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Good luck!!!!!