How is everyone feeling?

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How is everyone feeling?

Hello ladies,

I thought I would check in and see how everyone is, spill! Smile How are those pregnancy symptoms treating you?

As for me, I'm still reeeallly tired, but no nausea so that's awesome. My hips hurt like crazy and I'm eating a lot, but otherwise, so far so good. Biggrin

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randomly craving healthy foods, but thats a good thing Wink

Crazy dreams and very, very tired, but nothing much else

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Feeling well so far! I had killer nausea with my last two, I usually lose 5lbs the first tri and am back to my original weight by 20 weeks. I imagine in a week or two I will be feeling it! I work 12 hour nights and then have my kids all day but so far I'm not anymore tired than usual!

I get pretty dizzy, so far that's my only "wow I feel pregnant" symptom.

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For moms with nausea... Oatmeal scotches (recipe on the butterscotch morsel nestle bag) also great for nursing...

I'm tired, and dizzy

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Nausea here and there but really nothing else. I actually have more energy now then I did for the last year! I expect the m/s to kick in within the next couple weeks. It's weird. I don't feel pregnant most of the time.

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UPset stomach.... Head pressure. Bloody noses. Sore boobs. Ughhhh

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Still no symptoms. Based on the past, I should be best friends with my toilet by now. I'm tired but I haven't gotten much sleep thanks to Lucas and I need to refill my thyroid meds so that makes me feel exhausted, too. But I'm also not official yet.

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Very tired, sore boobs, and occasional nausea. Oh yeah, mood swings, it's like PMS on steroids. Poor DH.