How much caffeine?

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How much caffeine?

How much is ok?

With my first, I could curl up on the couch and sleep whenever I needed to do so. With my second, my first was still so small, she though snuggling on the couch watching Dora was awesome, even if it was really because I was too tired to do anything else.

But now there are carpools and dance lessons and swim meets and basketball practices. Plus, we home school so I have to stay on top of their lessons.

I'm exhausted but curling up on the couch is not an option! Caffeine! I need caffeine! I just don't want to over do it. I know "two cups of coffee" is what everyone says but I drink Coke. Is two cans a day safe?

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There is far less caffeine in soda than there is in coffee. 30-35 mg is in one Cola. They say you can have less than 200 mg of caffeine a day.So I think two cokes a day is well within the limit.

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Ditto to what Mary said. The book I'm reading says even 300 mg is ok. You should be fine with two cokes.

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I really think everything in moderation is fine. Good luck Wink

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Thanks. It's been awhile, I'm fuzzy on all the rules!

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Yep, you should be fine! With my first, a fountain coke and fries was the about the only thing to settle my stomach some days - a momma's gotta do what a momma's gotta do. Smile

And now that I'm on my 3rd, a cup of coffee each morning is definitely required. Cold turkey would not be pretty.

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I've been told from the OB that 200-300 is perfectly fine. Smile

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I agree with the other ladies. I was a Diet Coke fiend before I got pregnant with DD. When I was pregnant I drank a coke or two a day. Doc said it was fine and it didn't really affect me or baby. Unless I drank it before bed...hehe. Then I had to pee all night long....

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I drink 2 cups of coffee every morning, and sometimes have a soda during the day. Yep, not really overly worried about it. I've heard 2 cups of coffee a day is fine - granted, probably not as strong as I make mine...