How to tell my mom...

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How to tell my mom...

Here's the situation. Mom is going to open a gift in front of the whole family at Christmas to tell her. I won't be there. I'll be 900 miles away in Indiana safely in my own house where I can sort of deflect some of the overpowering gushing and fussing. I hate being fussed over!

But I'm messing with ideas of how to tell her. I didn't get an ultrasound so I don't have a picture to use which makes it harder.

I was thinking about something like one of these options (and yes they mostly revolve around Disney because I haven't given her any pictures or photobooks from this year's trip yet and that's usually what I'd do for Christmas):

1) See my signature pictures? Those are each child's fifth birthday trip to Disney World. My mom came both times.
So I was thinking about buying a frame with three picture slots and then using the pictures from each trip with a text overlay "Tori Turns Five in Walt Disney World"; "Lucas Turns Five in Walt Disney World" and then the third slot just plain white with something like "You are invited on another fifth birthday trip in 2018." Of course, she might not get it right away because my sister has an 8 week old baby and I always talk about taking my nephew to Disney World when HE is five (because I'll take any excuse I can to go there!) But he will be five in 2017 so hopefully eventually she will do the math.

2) I thought about making a photo card out of Tori and Lucas dressed as Cinderella and Prince Charming and writing on the inside: One Prince, One Princess. One Tie Breaker coming 7-3-13.

3) My sister and I had a 31 bag made for her that has her three grandkids on it. So I thought about sticking a card in it that says "Sorry this is already inaccurate."

4) Same as #2 only on a custom Dunkin Donuts gift card (assuming they still do that... I've made them in the past). I'd give it to her with several other gift cards so she wouldn't see it right away.

Any thoughts? Telling my mom is really, really hard for me. I'm dreading it with everything in me. And for some reason I feel like it's easier to tell her with a gift while I'm not there... My mom will be obnoxiously happy to an extent that I can't handle. It's not normal happiness. It will peak to almost gloating. she will claim she "won" (we were happy with two and she was furious that we had no plans for a third). She will claim that her prayers made this happen. She will claim all kinds of things. She will drive me freaking bonkers. AND she will probably start planning on coming out here for two months this summer. And that sounds good but she's very anti-breast feeding and it's going to be an exhausting battle dealing with her begging me to " just stop trying to be a hero and let me give the kid a freaking bottle"(she said things like this with Lucas). Sigh. I love my mother. I do. But she can really make me batty!

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I like the #2 idea. That is cute and she shouldn't have to do too much figuring on it. I know what you mean about being fussed over. I don't like it much either. Sorry your mom makes you batty, but at least you won't have to be there for the initial news.

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I like #2.

#1 is far too convoluted. #3 devalues a gift she is receiving. #4 isn't as cute as the card idea. Keep it simple!

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i like #2 #1 your right she might think your talking about your nephew

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I like #2 too.
Would it help any of the gloating and gushing if you'd just come right out and say something like "Ok - you were right we needed one more child in our family. Your prayers finally worked!" Just so you could say it before she does?

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i like #2! my mom gushes a lot too. and then she worries over everything.