How will you tell family?

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How will you tell family?

We are telling family at Christmas. The problem is, mt family is 800 miles away and we are not going there this year. Also, Jon's family does Christmas on Christmas Eve. My family does Christmas on the Sunday following Christmas so that everyone has time to travel home. That means Jon's family will know for a whole week before mine and that's going to set my mom off, but tough.

We are going to use the Christmas gifts for our moms. We are building Jon's mom this picture frame with clothesline rows across it and you use clothes pins to attach pictures. It's super cute. If I get an ultrasound, I'll add the picture. If not, we will figure out something else to pin up there.

For my mom, my sister and I got her a 31 bag that has stick figures of her grandchildren on it. So we will just say "To be continued" or something like that. Of course, I'll have to tell my sister ahead of time because she might get mad that I used our shared gift.

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What adorable ideas!!!

We spilled the beans to our moms really early on. We still have yet to tell his sister and dad.
I'm horrible at secrets, so I've told my grandmother (we are very close) and my best friend who lives in China.

I'll wait for the ultrasound to tell anyone else who we are close to and then I will probably announce on facebook after Christmas and I am in the 2nd trimester.

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We have an early scan booked for 3rd December. So long as everything is fine we will tell hubby's parents when they come to see us on the 15th.

My parents are going away on a very long holiday next year (sailing around the world!!) so I am going to give them a grandparents boasting book with pictures of their 3 grandchildren and a scan picture of number 4.

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With our DD I printed off a sheet with a cartoon baby, a stork, and our EDD for my mom to open on mother's day. With this one I think I will just tell her and my dad on Thanksgiving. If I can hold out throughout Thanksgiving I might do something for Christmas (e.g., a picture of our DD wearing a big sister tshirt). On the fun side though we are putting up Christmas decorations on Friday and hanging up four stockings (one for me, DH, DD, and Baby2). So, if my sister notices or guesses when she comes to stay over this weekend I will tell her.