How are you?

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How are you?

How is everyone feeling these days?

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Still the same, Waiting for the morning sickness to go away. I wasn't as tired today though which is good.

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i feel good. I didn't have many symptoms with DS but I have even less with this one. I am very tired though and I have ZERO motivation to do anything but sit/lay on the couch so that part sucks. So far everything is awesome, only gained about 5 pounds where with DS I was past 10 pounds at this point.

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been feeling better, havent had a headache in a week so thats def a plus, now if i could only get rid of the heartburn

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I just came down with another cold. I really hope this isn't a pattern. I was sick for two weeks over Christmas. Was well for two weeks and just came down with the bug that's been going around. My morning--or night sickness really--is seeming to lessen... even though it is still not that great when I am really exhausted before bed. I am still really tired a lot--like tired to the point where I am falling asleep at 8. However, I woke up today and seemed a little motivated. I'm really hoping with the second trimester starting that I am on the verge of some magical relief. I think with my DD I was feeling pretty good by week 16... so we'll see!

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Nausea is starting to lessen up a bit. I really only feel queasy when I start getting tired or didn't get enough sleep. Sleep has been a big problem for me this time around. I often wake up during the night and can't get back to sleep no matter how hard I try. I'm starting to get to the point where I have to pee every hour (during the day). The other day I was going from appointment to appointment. I went to the bathroom before I left one appointment. When I arrived at the next appointment an hour and a half later, I had to go so bad it hurt. Then I had to go again an hour later.

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except for the constipation, I feel good Smile

waiting for the high risk appointment and will hopefully see the gender and that the sch is much, much smaller. Then I can relax a bit more.

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Morning sickness is back with a vengeance and I'm sleeping 12-15 hours a day again. Must be some kind of hormonal spike or something. I'm almost 17!weeks, this is getting out of control. This is typical of my pregnancies but very time I can't help but hope ill get a break. We took a bunch of kids from church out of town for the weekend for a competition and that really wiped me out. On the up side, the kids took third place but I got home Sunday and pretty much slept until 2pm Monday except for waking up to watch football Sunday night!