How are you all feeling now?

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How are you all feeling now?

Hi Ladies, I was wondering how are you all feeling at this point. Me I am doing good besides still tired and dealing with pelvic girdle pain. I have some energy days and some crap days. My emotions and hormones are record high at times. Spring is around the corner for me and cannot come soon enough. I hate seen snow after March.

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I"m the same, in general good, but have my days.

It is starting to get more difficult to do some things and yet I haven't slowed down, though I need to.

Hungry ALL the time, starting the waddle walk and can't get comfy in most positions.

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ya, probably the same here. I have bad RLP when i wake up in the morning and it kinda hangs around all day when i walk just not as bad. Occasionally getting heartburn, and sometimes i get this weird achey feeling that i never had with DS so i don't know what that is

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I'm tired a lot, too. I have a mild case of strep, but I went to the doctor right away with the first signs because my son had come up positive the day before. I started taking antibiotics right away, so I avoided the worst of it. I have a minor sore throat and a major headache. It made me feel pretty wiped out. Other than that, I'm not feeling too bad. I've been gaining a lot of weight. It's strange for me, because my last two babies I was so nauseous that I gained almost no weight.

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I'm doing all right. Some days are rougher than others--like the other day I had a headache, heartburn, and felt sick to my stomach. Another day this week I had a lot of hip and back pain. I just think my body is trying to get used to all this extra weight. I just got a sleep number bed and am hoping that will help me get some more restful sleep. So far so good!

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I've been feeling really good for the past month. I know that before long I'll be so big and tired that I won't be able to do as much, so I'm trying to do all my "nesting" cleaning and organizing now. I do have trouble sleeping sometimes. If I get up to take dd to the bathroom I have an awful time going back to sleep.