Hubby worried about having a girl

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Hubby worried about having a girl

He told me the other day that he is uncomfortable with the thought of wiping a little girl.

He can be wierd about stuff and thinks that it will make him not want to DTD anymore because of having a little girl and seeing her private parts.

I told him that as much as I respect his issues, he has to get over it, because I will not be the only one ever changing a diaper because we are having a girl.

Anyone else have experience with an overly sensitive hubby/SO?

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Before I got pregnant, DH told me he'd never change a girls diaper OR give her a bath. He said he doesn't want to be looked at as "weird" since he'd be in contact with a very young humans genitals. I said - I think you're weird for even thinking that, but then I dropped it.

Got pregnant.
It's a girl!

I brought it up again last month - he had totally changed his tune. Not sure what it was (maybe me saying I'm not doing all this by myself) but he's completely on board now.

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DH has been pretty quiet about it since we found out it's a girl. i think he is terrified thinking about hormones and protecting her and such. I had the same sort of feelings when we found out DS was a boy though and I got over it.

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With our first DH was scared of having a girl, too. However, that quickly changed after she was here. He chips in and does his equal share of diaper changes and baths. I think it is a common fear--especially learning how to take care of something you never had to take care of before. I mean, we're having a boy now and to be honest I'm a little nervous. I also think it all changes when the baby gets here--you're forced to take care of that LO and you get used to things quickly.

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i was terrified of having a boy. i had no idea how to deal with them and now DS is a HUGE mama's boy Wink

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I am sure he will get over it quickly when she is here. I feel weird about having a girl just because I have only had boy babies, but I am not worried about it. It's not rocket science.