I can't help it.....

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I can't help it.....

Just for fun, I took my last pregnancy test. I barely had any pee on it, it went so fast that couldn't really get. I got a little so the test took a little longer but it showed up a dark positive again and a faint control line. No denying it now lol.

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Heh, I don't blame you in the slightest! I'm kind of tempted to buy a dollar tree test just for fun, those dark lines are so reassuring!

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So funny,

I found a cheapie test last night so decided to do it. The test line showed up instantly very very dark and then the control line showed up. I walked into our bedroom and said to hubby "I guess there is no question that I am pregnant!". He looked at the test, laughed and asked how many more I was going to do!

I still have a couple of cheapies left plus a digital one so I will be testing a few more times just for fun. Smile

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i've considered buying the dollar stores one just for reassurance. still no symptoms here.

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You're a day behind me, and I've just started feeling a little rough today. Generally, I've not had any symptoms until post 6 weeks, so no worries yet! Heh, once MS is in full swing we'll laugh at ourselves for wishing it would come.

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Ha! This is great! I just bought some cheap tests so I could test again, too! I don't know what it is (maybe it's that I don't see the doc until 12/31), but it felt good to test and see a dark line Smile

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I did the same thing too about 2 weeks ago Wink

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haha i went to the store the other day and spent more money on tests just because i had the urge!!

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With my first I took like 15 tests. Smile this time I've trusted the one test but I really fought the urge to not take 12 more. Smile

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If I had more tests at home, I would be taking them too.