I fixed my ticker.

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I fixed my ticker.

OB is keeping the 7-7 date which is fine because, although I expect to go early again, if I were late that buys me more time before an induction. But in reality I know when I ovulated and that makes me due 7-3. So I changed my ticker to that date. I guess it's not a big thing but I wanted it to line up with my own dates.

I obsess over weird things when I'm pregnant. Ha!

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I'm dating a few days ahead too, but my OB since it was within 5days of my EDD they don't adjust it.

I was 5 weeks early with DS, so we will see what happens this time.

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nahhh Smile

i knew for a fact what day I conceived DS and the midwives wouldn't listen and put me at a week ahead even though my 20 week ultrasound matched my dates. it drove me nuts, but i always went by my calculation instead of theirs.

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I ovulated on CD 10 and got a BFP on CD 24, so my due date is 4 days earlier based on ovulation than it would be based on AF. My m/w is pretty cool about it, though, and will go by ovulation date.