I had my baby Boy

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I had my baby Boy

Hi ladies Theodore Paul George was born yesterday July 13 at 2:02pm. It was totally unexpected. I had my regular prenatal appointment and had the fundal measurement I was measuring at 36 weeks instead of 38/39. I was usually measuring a week or two normally but not the last two weeks so I got sent to the hospital to get an ultrasound and a nst and possibly talk about induction. After appointment I called my husband to tell him to come home and this baby will be here soon. After the ultrasound and NST they did find that the placenta was not working properly and was scheduled to get induced the next day at 7:30am. On Friday they started out with cervidil was only 2 centimeters and cervix was still thick. The contractions didn't start until 2pm and they were mild. I got to labor at home and use my tub for a while I just had to check in with them every 4 hours. 8:00pm got the kids the friends house for a sleep over in case I need to go in in the middle of the night. 9:45 pm water broke headed in and the stick was negative and said we could stay the night and recommend getting morphine and gravel so I could sleep which I certainly agreed. My water broke again and the stick turned positive and nurse took out the cervidil. everything stopped middle of the night. Saturday, after breakfast they hooked me up to oxytocin and the contractions picked up again but mild and irregular. My doctor came and broke the last of the water and contractions were regular and unbearable at 12:55pm. They hurts so bad that I was yelling for drugs and to hurry up. at 2:02pm Theodore came in the world. It was fast and furious delivery. We are home now and doing great. Congrats to all who had their babies. He was 6lb and 2ozs. smallest of my three.

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Goodness what a whirlwind entry he had! Congratulations, I'm glad everyone is home and healthy! Welcome Theodore!

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Congratulations! WTTW Theodore!

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