I think we have names!!!

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I think we have names!!!

I can't believe we agreed on names this fast. You have no idea!!!

Morgan Jane (my Grandmother's maiden name was Janet Morgan, so it's after her)

Oliver Clark

woohoo! Naming a child is the most stressful thing to me.

Now when I get my gender ultrasound (28 more days!) I will be able to start calling baby by name. Smile

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I love both of them!!! Congrats!

My picks (DH hasn't exactly agreed yet, but he got his way with DS, so I figure it is my turn)

Henry Daniel - (Henry is my great grandfather and Daniel after my uncle whom I was very close with)

Saylor Danielle - (I just like the name Saylor for a girl and Danielle is still for my uncle)

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Nice! I like Oliver a lot.

We have agreed to Emily Therese for a girl. (My mother's name was Therese Emily.)

We have not decided on a boy. We were thinking Zachary or Zacharaiah the last time around, but I'm not sure.

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Those are very nice names:) We have agreed to a boys name which will be simon. do not know what the girl name we will pick.

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Nice names everyone! We've settled on a boy name (Maxwell Jeffery) and are still trying to figure out a girl name. We've been toying with the name Reese Lynn, but while we like it... we just don't love it as much as Riley (which we named our DD). We've decided to give our name searching for a girl name a rest until we get the gender ultrasound and until we know we have to decide on a girl's name.

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So cute!! Great choices:D

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Those are all great names. We used our boy name with DS and still love our girl name, Madison Violet. My grandmother's first name is Violet and DS' middle name was my grandpa's first name. We are also on hold with boy names until we find out the gender.

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Those are cute names! Glad you were able to agree. Jeremy and I still have no choices. Nothing is standing out for us, I'm hoping after we know the gender we will be able to decide.

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I like everyone's names
We have ours picked out too

Caleb Andrew (Andrew after my FIL and husband)

Kayden Lee (lee after my dad)