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Hello everyone! I am WTO in cycle #3 of TTC #3. I have PCOS and am taking clomid to help me ovulate. I typically ovulate anywhere from CD 21 to 30 and since I am only on CD 11, I still have a long wait. I am already going crazy and am looking for ways to pass the time...

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That wait is the worst, isn't it?! Maybe we can brainstorm a list of things to do to keep busy.

I'll start- Compile a list of freezer meals to make when edd approaches (along with a grocery list!).

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It seems like every month we are waiting for something whether it is O time, 2WW or waiting for AF. I think compiling a list is a great idea!

Make a list of things you want to get accomplished before pregnancy (I.E I really want to paint, make this, do that, etc)

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I agree the waiting is the worst!! Especially to O (at least for me) bc you never know exactly when that will happen or if it will happen. At least w/ the 2ww (which does suck) you generally know when your wait is going to end. I try to keep busy to keep mind off it all but it isn't easy.