Introducing myself (losses ment.)

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Introducing myself (losses ment.)

Hi. I'm Deb. I got a BFP a couple weeks ago, and I've been lurking here. I thought I'd jump in. I don't think I know any of you yet. But if someone I know is reading this and is friends on FB, please don't say anything. I haven't told any family and friends yet except DH and one friend. I'm not ready to go public. We've had several losses, so I'm just not feeling comfortable about it yet.

Anyway, my due date is July 18. I've had nausea since week 5. It's a little better right now, but I have a bad cold, and that is making me feel miserable. I haven't had a m/w appointment yet. I am seeing a perinatologist next week.

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Welcome to July! Love your picture!

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I have to say that your picture is awesome! Smile

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OMGoodness Deb that's awesome!!! So happy for you! Hoping that we both have a much different experience this time around and end up with healthy babies to take home.

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Thanks for the compliments regarding my picture. We went to Disney for my son's Make a Wish trip last October.

Tiffany, congratulations to you too! We can bite our nails together, huh?

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Welcome to the board!! I love that pic too! It looks like everyone was having a great time.

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Hi and welcome! So sorry for your losses, will be sending you lots of sticky vibes x x Smile

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Congrats and welcome! What a lovely family you have!

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Welcome to the group.

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Welcome and congratulations:)

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Yes Deb it will be nice to have someone who will understand how scared I am while still trying to be positive about everything!

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Congratulations Deb! How exciting!

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Congrats and Welcome to July! Sending sticky vibes your way!