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Hello. My name is Robin. I was on several years ago when I attempted IVF. I lost my ivf baby, Rebecca at 16 weeks gestation. Well I am happy to announce that we are 10 weeks pregnant, naturally! It was shocking to both myself and husband because we thought are time was up after 3 rounds of ivf and 2 miscarriages.
I had my first ob visit today and they did the usual blood work. I am an older mother, 37 so of course I am considered high risk. My due date is July 9th. I am just happy to be here. Heartbeat is 143 and ultrasounds look good.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!:)

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What a great surprise! Congrats and welcome!

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Congratulations and welcome:)

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Welcome and congrats!

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Congrats and welcome!

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I'm so happy for you! Welcome to July Smile

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What an awesome story! Welcome!