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Doesn't July seem like FOREVER away? It's seems like an impossible amount of time. It always seems that time stands still when I'm pregnant. Anyone else?

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Yes! Especially when I was just thinking with my last pregnancy I was almost done by November Smile I think the beginning of the pregnancy takes the longest as you don't see the OB as often, you worry about things more since it is the "risky" time, you're enduring more crazy symptoms, and you're adjusting to pregnancy (e.g., no drinking, no turkey deli meat, and the rest of the lists of can't haves...).

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It does seem far away especially with snow on the ground at where I live. Good ol Canada where temps fall to -40. but still love where I live. It is pretty hard to vision it now lol.

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When I think of it in terms of number of potential days of vomiting, it seems like an eternity.

When I think of it on terms of how busy we are, I feel like it'll be here tomorrow. I need like 15 months to get ready! And I'll probably have this kid in June so that's even less time! We are in indoor swim and quizzing season and when those end we go on vacation, then straight into dance competition season, followed immediately by summer swim session. This baby is due to arrive right in the midst of that chaos. God help me. I love that my kids have so many interests but... It's going to be insane!!!

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it feels like forever, but I know it will come fast Smile