June wasn't my month (m/c mention)

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June wasn't my month (m/c mention)

So I am here with you lovely ladies. I actually got a positive test last wed but by sunday night I started bleeding. I went in tonight to the Dr and my scan showed nothing in the uterus, my ovaries were good. All looked well, my ob feels this was a chemical pregnancy that I got pregnant but the egg did not implant Sad I had blood drawn for hcg, progesterone, thyroid panel, and a recheck of my calcium and vitamin d levels. So he said as long as my blood test results come back ok we could try again right away.

Has anyone gone through a chemical pregnancy before? Did you have other issues getting pregnant?

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Losing a pregnancy at any point is difficult. I hope that July will bring you another BFP and a healthy bean!

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I am so sorry for your loss.
I hope you are baring up okay,

I have had 4 chemicals and always got pregnant within 1 to 3 months.
The last 2..I got straight pregnant aftermy D and c Easter before last and then straight away the next month.
You are really fertile after a miscarriage I believe.
But saying that..I was also diagnosed with hyperfertility which means getting pregnant before 3 months after a miscarriage.
Not ness a good thing as bad eggs can get fertilised as well as good.

But...I do hear of loads of woman who go on to have a successful pregnancy straight after a chemical too.

Good luck!!?..I hope that your sticky bfp finds you very soon.

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I agree with Liz, I think you may be more fertile after a m/c. I also know a lady currently on the May 2013 board who is about 10 weeks along, everything looks great so far, and she had a CP the cycle right before she got pregnant with her little bean. Hope it happens for you too. Smile

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Thanks Lynn. My Dr told me last night that he sees no reason why I would have a hard time getting pregnant. I did have some tests done and he will call me with the results on thursday so as long as they all come out fine then It will just be in God's hands

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So sorry to hear this Sad wishing you lots of luck over here in July (((hugs)))

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Sorry for your loss. I had a chemical the cycle before I got pregnant with Robbie so it can happen. I have had 7 chemical/very early losses. Good luck for July.

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Hi, Lynn may be talking about me. I had a CP in August and got pregnant my next cycle, so far everything looks great. I hope it happens for you soon Smile

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Oh no, I'm sorry you had to experience that! Hoping you can call July your home! :bigarmhug:

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I'm sorry, Jenny. We want you here instead!!

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Thanks Sarah

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I had a chemical preg in Sept of 2011. It was my first pregnancy, my HCG shot up immediately...but I started bleeding two days after finding out I was pregnant. Then I had an ectopic pregnancy in Jan/Feb of this year. However, that had nothing to do with the chemical. I don't think chemicals really hinder anything as far as trying again- and a lot of people say the first three months after having one, you're really fertile. So, good luck! Hope this is your month!!