Looks like I'm joining you...

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Looks like I'm joining you...

Hi, I just got my BFP yesterday! It was planned but it was unexpected as well. We've been trying since beginning of August, and we failed twice... so I was surprised and excited to get BFP! However I am a bit confused which due date to calculate as I had my period on Sept 16th, which lasted 7 days. Then on Sept 28 and 29th, I had light bleeding for two days. When my period didn't come on Oct 16th, I took the test and it was BFN.... so I waited and waited until my period to show up but it never did, instead I became more tired and my breast became more tender. So I've decided to take the test last night and it showed BFP!

So I have no idea which due date to believe:

June 23rd, 2013 (based on Sept 16th)

July 6th, 2013 (based on Sept 28th)

This will be my second child... however my fifth pregnancy.

I have a 6 year old son who's my pride and joy Smile

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Congratulations and WELCOME to pregnancy.org! Smile

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Yea!! Hoping to making this board my home soon too! :):):)

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Congratulation and welcome! In regard to your due date, do you have any idea when you ovulated? Otherwise, it'd be hard to say without an ultrasound.

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Congratulations! I'd be confused on the due date too!

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Do you know what day you conceived? You can calculate a due date that way too! Congrats Smile

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Congratulations and welcome!! HH9M!!!