Might end up here.

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Might end up here.

I had been posting in June 2013 and probably still will...


We've been having trouble figuaring when the baby is due and how any weeks I am.
Had a scare today and went to the er and they said I was 5 in a half weeks along. Which means baby will be born in July Wink
My daughter who's two was born in july 2010. So I know it's a awesome month!

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I'm on both too Wink

I had my son 5 weeks early, so there is a good chance I could be in June.

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After I test today and it becomes official, I'll probably head over to June as well and bounce between both. So far my kids have never come in the "right" month. I was due 6/17 with my first and she came in May and 10/07 with my second and he came in September. They were both born on the 28th of the month so I'm going to go ahead and assume if I really am, this kid will show up on 6/28 because that seems to be my pattern. Smile

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It will be good to have you here. Is everything ok since you left the ER?

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I should be straddling since I'm due 6/28 and my last was late (1st two induced) so I'll likely have a July baby.

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Hi Star, hope everything is ok.

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Everything is fine. Had a scare yesterday and went to the er because I was bleeding. But I guess sometimes that's normal. But after having a miscarriage around Easter I'm not taking a chance.... Do I went to the er. Cervix was closed and the blood was old blood. It still scared me really bad. Had a ultrasound and they said it looks like I'm 5 in a half weeks. Baby was still too small to see sadly. Been wanting to see this kid!!!! Have another ultrasound appointment for the 26th. My dr wanted another one done in two weeks. Hopefully we will see something then.