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Motherhood Maternity

Does anyone else hate maternity stores? I was excited to go get some new clothes today, but man the workers made me so uncomfortable and kept following me around wanting to help me find things. I realize this is their job, but there are times when you just want to be left alone to browse. Also, they really had an attitude about me returning a sweater I got from Christmas without a receipt (even for lowest sale price, an exchange, etc.). I really wish my sister wouldn't have lost the receipt! They said they usually don't do exchanges without the receipt, but I was "lucky." Uh huh, I bet. In any case, I don't know if it is my pregnancy hormones or what, but I really didn't like the experience and won't be returning. Sad

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I totally agree with you. I almost got in a screaming match with the lady that worked there a couple of weeks ago. I needed a pair of black pants, but I wanted some without the waist band that goes all the way to my boobs. She started an argument with me about how that was in fact what I wanted. Um, I just needed some with some stretch and no, I never-even when I was 42 weeks pregnant- like the kind with the over the waist band. She refused to show me anything else.

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Not a fan of Motherhood Maternity. The clothes are nice, a little overpriced. How about Old Navy? I bought a few of their pants for DS.

My husband asked me the other day if I would return to MM. I said NO!!! I walked in there around 6-7 months? yes I was big, yes I knew it, no I didn't need anyone to tell me. Well....the lady made a huge deal, practically screaming at me 'OMGoodness, are you having twins, you are SO BIG!' Never ever have I wished anyone to be more miserable when they became pregnant, I wished it for her. Blum 3

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i personally hate motherhood maternity. Maybe it is just my location, or it was an off day but all the clothes looked cheap and old, like for old people. I prefer Thyme, actually I love Thyme but they can be expensive. I don't have issues with the salespeople there. Luckily i have all my clothes from DS1, and my bff gave me a bunch of clothes to pick from so I don't even think I will be needing to go. The old navy sucks here too. They have a really small section and the clothes are kinda cheap but they will do for things like tank tops and t shirts. I have a pair of jeans from Thyme, and when I got too fat for those i got a cheap pair from old navy and there is a huge difference in quality and how they fit me.

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Thank you ladies! For a second I thought I was crazy! I'm going to check out some other stores (e.g., Old Navy) and see what I find! Luckily enough I found a bunch of maternity clothes I totally forgot I had. Bonus!

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I was able to buy a few things from Target (online) last week, they had a BOGO sale. My mom got me a few tops from JCPenney. I have lots of clothes from before but I needed a some new things. I bought from Old Navy before, and I agree about the quality but the price was right and it lasted just the right amount of time.

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I have to say I have had just the opposite experience. I LOVE Motherhood Maternity.

The store by me is Destination Maternity with Motherhood Maternity and Pea in the Pod in the same store. It's huge, they offered me a drink and a snack each time I come in. There is padded play area directly in view of the dressing room with a movie playing for kids (my son didn't want to leave and I had time to actually try things on), there was a "men's area" with ESPN on (if DH would actually ever go with me)

I bought a few things for work at Christmas time and earned Bump Bucks, went back last week and stocked up for the rest of the pregnancy!

I truly had a great experience. The girl that helped me both times was so sweet too!

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I don't buy from Motherhood. I found their clothes to be cheaply made and didn't last through one pregnancy, let alone able to be used the next time around. I loved the clothes I got from Penney's. I had a couple of outfits that made it through two pregnancies and were in good enough shape to hand down. I haven't tried Old Navy, other than maternity low-cut panties that I bought online, and I still wear them.

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Noelle, if we had that kind of set up around here for a maternity store I would definitely like it. I feel about the same way as most of you about MM. The last time I went in she asked what I wanted and pulled me all around the store. Everytime I would pick something up she would comment about it. I want to be left alone until I need you. I got some clothes from Penney's last pregnancy, but the stores around here don't have maternity anymore. I actually got very lucky this time. My sister works with a girl who had a baby in December. That girls BFF had a baby early last year. So they gave me four huge garbage bags full of maternity clothes. Nice ones. I swear there were about 10 pairs of jeans, 12 pairs of shorts, some work slacks, dresses, and a ton of cute tops. I don't think I will have to buy another thing. WooHoo!!