My First Appointment is Almost Here!

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My First Appointment is Almost Here!

It feels like forever since I got my BFP and called to make my first OB appointment. They said they didn't want to see me until after 12/12 given my LMP and with the holidays it was hard to schedule a back-to-back nurse visit and doctor's visit. When I made the appointment over a month ago I thought it was forever away and it indeed has been a long wait. I go on Monday 12/31 at 10am and I can't wait! I hope it all goes okay!

It's been a while since I've been to a first OB appointment. I'll be 11 weeks when I go on Monday. What did they all do at your first OB appointments? Did they look for a heartbeat? Do an ultrasound? If so, was it the vaginal one or over the belly?

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My first was in the ER this time Sad

But my first that was scheduled was a Ultrasound and then blood work with my OB. I just had my first with the high risk and had an ultrasound and my second with my OB and had another ultrasound! I can't believe I've seen my munchkin so many times already. Wink

I'm excited for you and KUP on how it goes!!!

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I've had my first appointment, but being in the UK it will be different.

The midwife went through a lot of paperwork with me and asked for lots of family medical history. She has booked me an appointment for blood tests (9th Jan) and my next antenatal appointment which is in February. I will get a letter from the hospital in the next couple of weeks with an appointment for a scan.

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Mine was paperwork, stats, pressing around the belly, and finding the heartbeat.

Hope yours goes well! KUP!

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Yay for getting closer:) Mine is not until Jan 14th. They won't see me until 12 weeks. Hope it goes well for you.

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My first m/w appointment is in January. I had an u/s already at 9 weeks, and she had no problem seeing the baby with the external u/s. I love the women's hospital here, btw, because they have a monitor up on the wall, and you can see everything the u/s tech sees.

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My first appointment was before thanksgiving. I had a full physical, a pap, tons of bloodwork. I didn't get an u/s and it was too early to hear a heartbeat.

My second appt is 1/11. I'll be 15 weeks so I think we will easily hear the hb.

Oh! The also scheduled my big u/s at the first appt. they said they like to schedule it early so that people who would like to come with me have time to arrange their schedules.

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It went well! She found the heartbeat right away and it was around 150. I was so relieved to hear it! Other than that we went over a lot of stuff, she did a pap/exam, and I had some blood work. I didn't get an ultrasound which is a little bit of a bummer. So, it looks like I'll have to wait to see my little bean until week 20!

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Glad your appointment went well. Bummer that you didn't get to see your bean.

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yay! sounds like a good appt, sorry you didn't get an ultrasound though.